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Stone Key[]

At some point in the game, the player character will acquire a small hand held stone key that can remotely open doors from a short distance. Within the center of of it is a circular engraving that emits orange or blue light depending on what door is being opened. Similarly, there's two separate etchings stemming from the center that correspond to different doors as the character will hold one side up or the other depending on the door.

In the gameplay trailer and demo, the stone needed to be upgraded in order to open the blue doors as it was initially only able to open the orange ones.

Wrist Key[]

After inserting his left arm into a machine, a device is embedded deep into the top of his hand and down his wrist that in turn is used to gain access to certain machinery in the game. The wrist key is a brown snake shaped device that it able to produce a twisted data spike at the character's own will.

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